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Disciple Makers Toolbox

Disciples Toolbox Cover Page (Download) Table of Contents (Download) Chapter 1 – Statements by Jesus Regarding a Disciple (Download) Chapter 2 –  4 Calls of Christ (Download) 5 Key Behaviors of a Disciple (Download) Chapter 3 – Principles Jesus’ Ministry ( Timeline) Chronological Framework for the Public Ministry of Jesus Christ Harmony of the Gospels Jesus’ Methods …

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Best Practices

Four Spiritual Laws – 9/2017 (Download) Five Key Behaviors (Download) The Four Calls – ELF 12/2015 (Download) Personal Journey 3/2017 (Download) T.E.A.M.S. 9/2017 (Download) Gospel Presentation 02/2018 (Download) Personal Worship 12/2016 (Download) Handouts for Leaders (View) 60 Second Testimony ( Download)

Top Curriculum

Apprentice of Jesus, Lifestyle of Discipleship PDF Mirroring the Methods of the Master – Click to Download Curriculum Resources Bill Bright, Christian Growth in Five Steps A. B. Bruce/The Jackson Institute, The Training of the Twelve Dr. Allan Coppedge, “Knowing Jesus” Dr. Robby Gallaty, Replicate Ministries The Jackson Institute, A Path for Mere Christians Dr. Charles …

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Key Concepts

Seven Cardinal Doctrines (Download) Attributes of God (Communicable & Incommunicable) (Download) Predestination Defined (Download) Authentic Manhood (Download) Chronological Ministry of Jesus (Download) Three Wills of God (Download) “Love” the Verb (Download) Spiritual Decision Process (Download) Synoptic Gospels (Relationships) (Download) Biblical Worldview (Download) Paul’s Four Life-Changing Prayers (Download) Entrepreneurs of Life (Download) St. Benedict’s 12 Steps …

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Co-Mission Institute for Pastors

Adding the Ship to Disciple (Download) Biblical Principles of Discipleship Coppedge (Download) Biblical Principles of Discipleship Musselman (Download) Born to Reproduce (Download) Disciple-Making Principles (Download) Disciple For Life Foundational Principles (Download) Chronological Diagram (Download) Public Ministry of Jesus (Download) Jesus’ Methods for Disciple-Making (Download) Disciple for Life – Foundational Principles (Download) 7 Habits – Covey …

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Teaching Documents

The Four Calls of God (Download)The “Best Yes” (Download)Genesis 1 & 2 – blanks (Download)Genesis 1 & 2 – answered (Download)Romans 12 Five S’s – blanks (Download)Romans 12 Five S’s – answered (Download)Personal Worship (Download)Lessons From Paul (Download)Navigating Storms of Life with 5 Stones (Download)Navigating Storms of Life with 4 Anchors (Download)“M&M” Decision Filter (template Download) …

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Small Group Architect – Barcelona 12/2017 (Download) Participant Preparation – 7/2015 (Download) Jesus Model of Discipling ELF – 5/2017 (Download) Disciple Maker Workshop 12/2014 (Download) Apprentice of Jesus – 12/2014 (Download) Curriculum Design 12/2014 (Download) Biblical Time Management ELF – 5/2016 (Download) Christian Accountability – 7/2015 (Download)

White Papers

Born to Reproduce – Trotman (Download) Breaking Free – Ogden (Download) (Download) Jesus Believes It’s Possible – Ogden (Download) Making Disciples Jesus’ Way – Ogden (Download) Cost of Nondiscipleship – Willard (Download) The Need of the Hour – Trotman (Download) Tyranny of the Urgent – Hummel (Download) Discipleship Deficit – Ogden (Download) Discipline of …

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