Our Top 10 Book Recommendations


1.Allan Coppedge, The Biblical Principles of Discipleship, Zondervan Publishing House, 1989.

2.Judy Streeter, Disciplemaking, Booktango Publisher, 2012.

3.Dr. Robert E. Coleman, The Heart of the Gospel, Baker Books Publisher, 2011.

4.Dr. Robert E. Coleman, The Master Plan of Evangelism, Baker Publishing Group, 1993.

5.Roberta Hestenes, Using the Bible in Groups, Westminster John Knox Press, 1985.

6.Greg Ogden, Transforming Discipleship, IVP Books, 2007.

7.Barna Group, The State of Discipleship, NavPress Publishing Group, 2015.

8.Joel C. Rosenberg and Dr. T. E. Koshy, The Invested Life, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2012.

9.Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick, The Disciple Maker’s Handbook, Zondervan Publishers, 2017.

10.Michael Wilkins, Following the Master, Zondervan Publishers, 1992.