Co-Mission Institute for Pastors


Adding the Ship to Disciple (Download)

Biblical Principles of Discipleship Coppedge (Download)

Biblical Principles of Discipleship Musselman (Download)

Born to Reproduce (Download)

Disciple-Making Principles (Download)

Disciple For Life Foundational Principles (Download)

Chronological Diagram (Download)

Public Ministry of Jesus (Download)

Jesus’ Methods for Disciple-Making (Download)

Disciple for Life – Foundational Principles (Download)

7 Habits – Covey (Download)

32 Key Scriptures (Download)

 Pastoral Iron Sharpening (Download)

One Page Lesson Plan T.E.A.M.S. (Download)

CMI Monthly Assignments (Download)

Co-Mission Institute 2021 (Download)

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