Disciple Makers Toolbox

Disciple’s Toolbox

Disciples Toolbox Cover Page (Download)

Table of Contents (Download)

Chapter 1 – Statements by Jesus Regarding a Disciple (Download)

Chapter 2 – Principles

  1. Jesus’ Ministry ( Timeline)
      • Chronological Framework for the Public Ministry of Jesus Christ
      • Harmony of the Gospels
      • Jesus’ Methods – by Robert Coleman (Download)
  2. Spiritual Maturity Defined (Download)
  3. The Shaping of a Life (Download)
  4. Importance of Words and Definitions (Download)
  5. Key Definitions (Download)
  6. Lasting Transformation (Download)
  7. Forming Your Group (Download)
  8. Know What Your Are Saying “Yes” To (Download)
  9. Covenant (Teaching) (Download)
      • Member Covenant
      • Leader Covenant
  10. Jesus’ Model of Impartation (Download)
  11. Impartation (Download)
  12. 6 Best Practices (Download)
      • 6 Essentials of Discipleship
  13. Weekly Session Format ( T.E.A.M.S.) (Download)
  14. Targeted Prayer (Download)

Chapter 3 – 4 Curricula

  1. Major Themes in Discipleship ( Matthew 5-7) (Download)
  2. Apprentice of Jesus (Download)
  3. Covenant Group Cirriculuim (Download)
  4. Mount Pisgah Discipleship Curriculum (Download)

Chapter 4 – Lesson Plans (Download)




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