Teaching Documents

Teaching Documents

The Four Calls of God (Download)
The “Best Yes” (Download)
Genesis 1 & 2 – blanks (Download)
Genesis 1 & 2 – answered (Download)
Romans 12 Five S’s – blanks (Download)
Romans 12 Five S’s – answered (Download)
Personal Worship (Download)
Lessons From Paul (Download)
Navigating Storms of Life with 5 Stones (Download)
Navigating Storms of Life with 4 Anchors (Download)
“M&M” Decision Filter (Download) (Download) (Download) (Download)
Psalms of Ascent (Download)
Biblical Principles of Discipleship – 1 (Download)
Biblical Principles of Discipleship – 2 (Download)
Killing Jesus Critique (Download)
Understanding Covenant – Leader (Download)
Understanding Covenant – Participant (Download)
Beginning The Journey (Download)
100 Challenge List of Scriptures (Download)
Group Leader Covenant (Download)
Group Member Covenant (Download)
Iron Sharpening Encounter (Download)
Romans 12 True Spirituality – blank (Download)
Romans 12 True Spirituality – answered (Download)
Genesis 1 & 2 Doctrine of Man – blank (Download)
Genesis 1 & 2 Doctrine of Man – answered (Download)
Pop Quiz (Download)
The Master Plan of Evangelism (Download)
Resurrection Church (Download)
Lasting Transformation (Download-pdf)(Download-pp)
Public Ministry of Jesus (Download)
Jesus’ Methods in Disciple Making (Download)
Disciple for Life – Foundational Principles (Download)
Importance of Words and Definitions (Download)
Cross-Bearing The Law of Discipleship (Download)
Spiritual Warfare (Download)

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