The Narrow Gate

Are you longing to grow into spiritual maturity? Do you have the desire to experience the deep fulfillment of discipling another Christian believer along a path of spiritual growth?  Narrow Gate was founded in 2004 by Bill and Paula Lohnes, two ordinary people on an extraordinary mission: to refocus the modern Church on the early Church’s emphasis of discipleship just as Jesus modeled it.

Discipling is teaching and encouraging believers through personalized, Spirit-led training and accountability. In Matthew 28: 19-20, the resurrected Christ speaks his final words on earth to his disciples, giving them the “Great Commission” to go and make disciples of all nations. Bill and Paula have experienced changed lives for the simple reason that other disciplers invested into their spiritual walks. Now they want to pay that gift forward to you.

Narrow Gate “walks the talk” by being dedicated to three simultaneous tasks:

  • Leading weekly small covenant groups with an “Apprentice of Jesus” curriculum
  • Growing leaders and continuing to walk with them as they disciple their own covenant groups
  • Helping churches create a Jesus model of discipleship tailored to their body of Christ

Narrow Gate is self-funded through Wise Path LLC, a wealth management firm founded by Bill Lohnes and Bill Downey. Since its opening, Wise Path has contributed 10 cents of every dollar made to The Matthew 13 Fund, established by the National Christian Foundation, the nation’s largest sponsor of donor-advised funds focused primarily on Christian givers.

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